My Bike

I had an 18 speed Motiv mountain bike for a number of years, but I recently traded it in for a used beach cruiser. Every time I rode my bike it hurt the holy s*(t out of my back and eventually I realized I needed to have a bicycle that was a little less sporty. These things happen when you get to be in your late 50s. Anyway, I took the bike to Farmer John’s Barn in Chico and traded it for a blue Electra cruiser.

Oh my gosh! What a huge difference it was to have a comfortable bike! I have been riding my bike every day since and I LOVE IT. When I get on my bike and ride out of the driveway, I am seven years old and riding my bike in Houston, Texas. I ride my bike to the gym every morning to do my work out and then back. It only takes about 7 minutes to ride to the gym, so its no big deal. I also ride my bike to the grocery store almost every day and get a bag or two of groceries. Again, its no big deal, since its only about 5 minutes to get there.

About three blocks from our store is a tree farm that is run by the Department of Forestry and open to the public. Most people in Chico don’t actually realize it is there, which is why its so wonderful. The Department of Forestry has planted row after row of trees from all over the world and they have an enormous greenhouse and a forestry type setup in the back of the park. There is a creek running through the tree farm and an asphalt path running along one side of the creek. It is so peaceful to ride my bike along the creek. The trees hang down over the path and the water is so beautiful. There are flowers, butterflies and birds and it does my heart good to have a serene moment. I also like to ride the circumference of the trees, which is a few miles, I guess.

I finally got my husband to go with me about a week ago and he had never been to the tree farm. He really enjoyed seeing it and I’ll probably get him to go with me so I can explore the sections I haven’t checked out yet sometime in the future. There is only one small problem – I haven’t figured out how to transport Hank with me while I ride. A friend says he is going to make a little box for my back rack, so I’ll probably be able to take my dog with me someday soon. Either way, I love riding my bike. There is nothing quite like getting out in the sunshine and taking a ride.

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