The Right to Vote

People on the Left in the United States complain about people of color being blocked from voting because they should not be required to carry the ID you need to cash a check, get on an airplane, get into a nightclub, buy liquor, buy a pack of cigarettes, apply for government assistance, open up a bank account, drive a car, apply for a job, buy a house, rent a car and many, many more. However, they aren’t bothered by the hate directed towards voters who don’t go along with what the Left want for this country.

If you open up your mouth to state your beliefs in 2016, you risk being mocked, hated, retaliated against, and worse. This week a mob of Leftists threw a man out of New York City Hall Park during their rally because he was wearing a Trump hat. They called him a racist, shouting it loudly, then started calling him a fascist, then began giving the Nazi salute. Meanwhile the young man was simply walking along in the park. NYC police were standing by and did nothing to stop the mob from throwing the man out of the city owned park.

This is what it has come to in America. Free speech is quickly dying, as our universities refuse to allow speakers to address their schools if they are not speaking from a Leftist political perspective, the Democratic Party no longer makes room for anyone who is not on the far Left, and the Media are in the bag for the Liberal agenda.

I was a Democrat from the time I was a teenager until I was in my late 40s and I knew any number of Conservatives over the years. I didn’t agree with them, but I could be decent enough to listen to what they had to say. I didn’t feel I had to drive them from the room. I didn’t listen to what Republicans had to say when they appeared on television, because I didn’t care what they had to say. They were bad people, in my mind. But I knew quite a few of them and on a personal level I found them to be fine people.

The polarization of the American political discourse is alarming. We must try to give the person with a different political view their chance to speak. As a matter of fact, it was the groundwork laid by the Republican Party that allowed the Left to have free speech, because free speech means so much to Republicans. The thanks they are now getting comes in the form of a slap in the face.

Flu Germs Can Kill Our Seniors

Are You Carrying Flu Germs Out to the Public to Ruin Someone Else’s Life?

Someone killed my friend Joe by spreading flu germs and I just found out about it today. Joe is the husband of my late mother’s best friend and we have known him since 1967. He was a very strong man, honorable, faithful, trustworthy and a contractor by trade. Last year his only son died after a nine year battle with cancer.


A few months after his son’s death Joe tripped over one of those cement parking lot stoppers and got a concussion from hitting his head on the asphalt. At first it just seemed like a rotten accident and that Joe would be getting better after his head wounds healed, but as the months wore on Joe got worse and worse, eventually ending up in bed with Hospice coming in weekly to monitor his death. His wife finally told him he needed to either get up out of the bed or he was going to die. At first he fought her, but eventually he got up and in to a wheelchair.

We were all so glad he was able to get up at all. He had been in bed for such a long time by then! But then a miracle happened and Joe started getting better. He began to wheel himself around the house and property and try to do things for himself. Then he started using a walker and was able to hobble around with the walker. Next he started getting outside and doing laps around the deck with the walker and he began to perform exercises to strengthen his muscles.

One day I called the house and he had taken his walker and gone to town to meet his friends for lunch. I cried, because I was so happy to hear he was getting better. Next, he began to walk the deck unaided. He was on the road to recovery and we were overjoyed!

Last week somebody in their town decided to go to the store or the post office or to go get their car fixed, even though they had the flu and were spreading germs. It was a rotten flu – I know because I had that flu and its the worst I’ve had in my life. Somehow a germ from that flu made it’s way to Joe. He was so sick he couldn’t breathe and they had to bring in a hospital bed and prop him up on an oxygen machine.

Today I called and found out that Joe will never be able to get up again and they are waiting for him to die. There is no more brain activity. He hasn’t eaten or gone to the bathroom in five days. Its over. All of that hope and all of that work have evaporated and he is back on Hospice and expected to die any day.

The way I feel about it is that someone killed my friend, because flu germs can kill seniors. They had to go out without washing their hands, even though they were really sick with the flu. They had to go to work, even though they were spreading their germs, or they had to take the kids to school, even though everyone in the house was sick. When you do this you play fast and loose with the lives of others. Here are some recommendations from the CDC on how to prevent the spread of germs.