2017 Emmys Trump Slamming Sham

I was shocked to hear that television celebrities spent hours bashing President Trump at the 2017 Emmy Award ceremony.  Why would these people believe they are immune from the reaction of tens of millions of Trump voters?  Don’t they realize that every time they make an insulting comment about Trump they alienate his base?

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I certainly don’t feel that they care about how I feel, as an American citizen.  It seems like everything the country ever stood for is now being trounced by the American news media and now those of us who always supported civil rights are being called bigots.  It is an unbelievable turn of events.

These Hollywood actors, directors, producers and writers believe they are immune to a backlash over their derisive words.  I think they believe everyone in the country should believe the way they do, so their ready to throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak.

They have taken an event, much the way sports have been ruined, and turned it into a political battle, which I do not appreciate.  Oh, well, chalk up another group of ding-dongs to put on my list of people I never watch.