It’s All Over But The Shouting

Do you remember when the Tea Party marched on Washington, DC, burning cars and smashing windows? Neither do I. I remember the Tea Party getting together to rally and protest, but always in a lawful, peaceful manner.

Unlike Conservatives, the Left in the United States don’t always behave peacefully when they assemble. We’ve seen quite a bit of backlash against the election of Donald J. Trump, which has upset the Right. I see it differently. Every time I see a protest or hear a Democrat complaining about the new Administration I feel happy, because it means we have had a regime change.

There is a saying “It’s all over but the shouting.” I believe this is what we are going through right now in the U.S. – the shouting. The Democratic Party has been absolutely decimated, since they have lost the White House, Senate, Congress, the next Supreme Court picks, 2/3 of the Governors are Republican, and Democrats lost 1030 State seats. It was a routing of historical proportions and leaves the Democratic Party toothless and powerless. What can they do? Only complain and fuss – so we’re hearing lots of complaining and fussing. Just remember – it’s all over but the shouting – and this is the shouting.